Frequently Asked Questions

What is the camp size of RKO?

We limit our camp size to no more than 16 guests per week and often only have 10-12 guests. We feel this makes for a fun and personable fishing experience.

 When and where do I fly into?

You will need to book a ticket from your home to Dillingham Alaska (airport code DLG).You will need to arrive a day early of your start day at RKO.You will need to overnight at one of the many B&B’s or the local hotel. On the morning of your start day at RKO, you will be picked up by the float plane company and transported to camp via float plane. RKO will arrange all the logistic details of your float plane into camp, however you will be responsible for the passenger fee. This typically runs about $150 per person each way but can vary depending on logistics. On your departure day from RKO, please do not book a flight from Dillingham back to your home before 1pm.

​What should I pack?

You will only need to pack your personal effects. RKO will provide you with a packing list upon booking a trip. RKO does not provide any alcohol and customers will need to provide there own if they choose. Most customers choose to bring a roughly 60 qt cooler with adult beverages and then use the same cooler to transport home frozen fish. **There are no alcohol sales in Dillingham on Sunday’s**

 What about all the fish I catch?

​All retained fish will be filleted, vac sealed and deep frozen by our staff for your journey home. If you do not arrive with a cooler to transport your fish home, wax fish boxes are available for purchase.

 How many days will I be in camp and how many days can I fish?

You will be in camp for 6 days & 5 nights. You will arrive into camp on day one in the morning     via float plane, you will then have 5 full days of fishing. Day 6 is your last morning in camp, on this day all your fish, luggage & gear will be prepared for your transport back to Dillingham.     Day 6 is not a fishing day, you will be transported back to Dillingham in the AM via float plane. You can then proceed to the airport for your early afternoon flight home or you may wish to     overnight in Dillingham.

Hows the food?

The food is great! We serve 3 family style meals a day in our kitchen. Even between meals, guests are welcome in our kitchen to graze off our snack bar where you will always find cookies, pies, snacks, juices, water, tea & coffee. For our main courses we have a rotating menu of great meals. A typical daily meal may start with French toast, sausage & hash browns for breakfast followed by lunch with homemade soups & sandwiches. A typical dinner can range from a Mexican feast to BBQ steak & salmon. One thing is for sure, you won’t ever go hungry!

 ​What about my accommodations and cabin?

Guest will sleep in one of our bunk style cabins that range from a 2 person cabin up to a 4 person cabin. We also have a shower house complete with shower & a traditional Alaskan steam sauna. Restroom facility’s consist of an outdoor outhouse. All meals will be served in our kitchen & often times after dinner, our customers head over to our social lounge where the days events can be discussed over a warm wood stove & cold beverage or head to the outdoor fire pit and pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the river view and wildlife sightings. Plus don’t forget we have a bank fishing area where you can relax in a cozy chair & catch just as many fish from the shore as you can in a boat!!!

 What species of fish are in the river during “King Season”?

During King Season the Nushagak has the largest run of Kings anywhere in the entire state of AK. Other species of fish that are in the river at that time are Sockeye, Chum, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike, Artic Grayling & Whitefish.Fishing is excellent for both fly fisherman & traditional tackle fisherman. King Season runs mid June to mid July. See our DATES page for exact dates.

 What species of fish are in the river during “Silver Season”?

​The Nushagak river has an amazing run of Silver Salmon from mid July through the end of August. During this time of year other species of fish in the river are Pink Salmon (only on even numbered yrs), Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike & Whitefish. Fishing is excellent for both fly fisherman & traditional tackle fisherman. See our DATES page for exact dates.

 ​What is not included in my trip?​

**Airfare is not included.** **Gratuity is not included**